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Date: Tue, 25 Jun 96 23:47 EST
Subject: mailto:mliem@pegasus.rutgers.edudream 3

I like what you've done by putting thoughts about your 
dreams up. The last 
one was kind of like the first two because you are safely 
something. Whether you are avoiding your future or what 
others think or 
can do about it isn't clear, though. But you are safely 
tucked in your 
corner of this triangle. By the way, do you know that in 
your other 
dreams, or at least one of them, you were with three 
friends or three 
peers working on a case? In this third documented dream, 
the number three 
comes up again, twice. You are fighting three opponents in 
the second part 
of your dream. Later, there are three points of a triangle: 
you, your 
mother, and your relative. That's kind of wierd. In dreams 
where you are 
mentioning three others, you are the fourth, belonging in 
some kind of 
action with the three others. But in the triangle, you are 
not totally 
involved with the other two. They are like that symmetrical 
close...discussing you, yet you are not really "with" them 
yet. I have no 
idea what that means, really. Possibly just that you feel 
safe in your 
current affairs, and very curious or insecure (or both) 
about your future, 
about outside things, just like in your other dreams

Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 00:01:57 -0500 (EST)
From: Sherri 
Subject: dream 3

I finally got into your page and wrote you some comments 
about your third 
dream. But when I sent that, I got an error...bug found in 
(version...whatever), so I don't know if you got that 
message. If not, 
here it is again...if so, ignore this!
Your third documented dream, like the other two, seemed to 
bring out the 
insecurities of your future. Others are discussing it, but 
you aren't 
really involved in that before you wake up.
What was interesting in this dream and your other two is 
the reappearance 
of the number 3. In your other dreams, you were with three 
friends or 
three colleagues. In this dream, you are with three 
opponents. Later, you 
are part of a triangle. It's interesting that you aren't 
really "with" 
the triangle, just observing it, noticing the two others, 
your mother and 
relative, and noticing how their profiles are symmetric, 
resembling one 
of those optical illusions of a vase. Does the number 3 
represent closure 
to you? Is it safe? You are either helping three others or 
fighting three 
others, in this and in previous dreams. But in this one, 
you are part of 
this mysterious triangle, and still aren't "really" part of 
it because 
you are observing it. 
I have no idea what this means...I'm just babbling.
I guess maybe you are not only worried about your 
individual future, but 
about of those around you. After reading more on your Web 
page, I learned 
that not only are you interested in litigation but are also 
key to 
helping people. You seem to have a mind of being fair. It's 
not enough to 
worry about what you will be doing after this stage of your 
life, but 
about the bigger picture: your family, maybe, and others 
around you.Take 

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888      888 
        8""88888P'  o888o o888o `Y8bod8P' d888b    d888b    

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