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Dream Journal Entry #4


I am swimming, or actually wading, in the ocean water at a beach. The water and the sand are crowded with people enjoying the sunny day. I look out toward the sea, where I see a tremendous tidal wave bearing down at me. It is a beautiful, fearsome sight. Not having time to avoid it, I allow the giant wave to crash over me. I submerge momentarily, then emerge unscathed.

Shift to a new setting: I am standing atop a tall cliff at the side of a great mountain overlooking a bay of the ocean. I am staring out toward the sea. Another enormous tidal wave is roaring its way toward me. I am high and seemingly safe, but the wave is even higher than my cliff, proving that my safety was illusionary. The tidal wave crashes over me. I am submerged, and again I emerge unscathed... but this time I realize as I look around at the aftermath of the wave that there is no more water, no more ocean. The ocean is replaced by a desert of brittle, cracked rock, which is colored in an alien crimson, as though it were emanating its own heat from within. I am more afraid of the red rock surrounding me than I was afraid of the wave.

The scene switches. I am driving a car, with a woman friend sitting next to me. She is teasing me, flirting harmlessly. I retort with a playful insult. To my surprise, she begins to weep incessantly. I ask what is wrong, and she replies: "I only flirt with you in a *positive* way." I'm thinking, What the hell?

Another switch. I am in someone's house, whose house it is I do not know, with a different woman whom I do not recognize, but I supposedly know her in the context of the dream. I do know that she happens to dislike having conversations about top forty music, having no interest in it or knowledge of it whatsoever.

In that house, I climb a ladder to its attic, where I find some people operating a top-forty radio station. I have a brief conversation with the D.J. and his assistant. I then climb up into the station and venture forth to explore. I find a library full of music, which I browse through. I comment to someone that the woman I had come with had no interest in that kind of music.

Sometime after that, I awake.

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