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Dream Journal Entry #3


The first part of my dream I remember from last being were separate from the other dreams I had. Suffice it to say, it was an erotic dream, I know exactly who it was that was in the dream with me, and we certainly aren't involved in real life. I don't care to get into the details, because the purpose of this dream journal is to offer insights into my psyche through insightful dream analysis ... it is not meant as an exercise in celebrating the recent preliminary injunction against enforcement of the Communications Decency Act.

Shift to a new setting: I was in a karate tournament. I am guessing this because I was wearing glove pads and boot pads, the type that karate competitors use for safety during sparring sessions. Sadly, the details were not too clear to begin with, so there's not much to remember. There was some physical action going on, involving myself and about three opponents at different times. There may have been some points scored by me, but frankly the dream wasn't too narrative in its format. It was not a frightening or violent experience. It was not particularly vivid or significant. It was more like a slideshow of impressions of competing at a karate tournament, without a voice-over narrative to explain the impressions.

Shift to the more vivid aspect of the dream: The setting is somewhere in Asia. I recall "Hong Kong island" being mentioned, but I think there were other indications in the dream that I was in fact in Singapore, not Hong Kong.

I am at a relative's house, one whom I do not recognize. He is like an uncle to me, but his exact relation to me is uncertain. He may be a cousin, because I have many cousins who are old enough to be uncles. It seems that he *should* be my brother, because my brother lives in Hong Kong and is planning to be married soon in Singapore, where I am scheduled to join him to be his Best Man. But this person did not look or act like my brother, and so now I'll continue.

My relative is someone rich, powerful, and famous ... or perhaps infamous... one who I do not know very intimately and about whom there is much intrigue.

We are in a large, important meeting in a conference room in my relative's mansion. A maid walks in during the middle of the discussion, dragging ... or pushing along the floor,... a large tray. She was moving toward the other side of the room, past the large wooden table encompassing a majority of the area of the floor. The table is so wide that the tray cannot fit past it. I move to help by shoving the table aside. The maid shoves the tray along past us and into a connecting pantry. For some reason, I follow her. She is placing dishes of food on the tray. She gives me something to eat on a stick... I think it was something similar to a candied apple. I begin to eat the apple.

Shift to a different room in the mansion: a kitchen, which resembles my own kitchen in the way the furniture is laid out. The microwave is located in a pantry alcove, just like in my house. In that room, my relative is sitting at the table chatting with my mother, not directly across from each other but at adjacent corners. I am witnessing this, but I am not sitting at the table. Rather, my perspective is from a lower seat away from the table, in a position so that we three form a triangle. When they speak, I can see both their profiles, forming a symetrical shape like the optical illusion of two faces that form a vase out of the space in between them. They are not positioned quite so close, however, nor are do they form an exactly symetrical shape; their facial features have more contrasts than similarities. They are discussing my future plans.

Later, my relative excuses himself and departs for a moment. The maid walks in, past me, over to the microwave in the pantry to my right. She tells us a story about how his wife went to a fancy club called The Tunnel without him, because they had just had a fight. At that point I received an impression of a reflexive thought that came from my dream-persona rather than from myself at the time. The thought was of foul play, scandal, and cover-up. The thought suggested murder.

Our host joins us. More hired help is working around us in the kitchen, so my host and my mother are speaking in a voice too low for me to hear. However, I know they are discussing my education in Asia. I do not feel like I am being left out of the conversation, because I believe we are about to move to another room, where they would fill me in privately.

Then I awake.

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