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Bahamian Rhapsody

Song lyrics -BAHAMIAN RHAPSODY by Mike Liem
(Calypso music to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen)

Is this the real life
is this just fantasy?
In the Bahamas
I escape from reality.

Open your eyes
look up to the skies and see
I see a seagull over the coconut tree
its easy come, easy go
take your worries, let them go

Here the tradewinds blow
the cool refreshing breeze from the sea
To me.

can soothe a man
put a straw hat on your head
snack on shellfish 'til you're fed
In the Bahamas
life has just begun
and the memory will never go away
Bahamas, ooh
not a cloud up in the sky
i guess we'll snorkel by the coral reef tomorrow, flippers on, snorkels on and you learn the breathing pattern.

So great
lunchtime has come
conch fritters on my mind
and umbrella drinks all the time
goodbye New Jersey
I've got to go
gotta leave you all behind
with all your snow

Bahamas, ooh
I don't wanna lie
the truth is that I'm never goin' home at all.

(instr. Solo)

I met a dolphin and I fed it from my hand
Bottlenose, bottlenose, its a bottlenose dolphin
swimming fast as lightning, simply an exciting thing!
Bahama Mama!
Bahama Mama!
Bahama Mamas all around!
I'm just a tourist nobody knows me
More than a tourist! Basis of economy!
Feeding the natives with your foreign money.
Easy come easy go
playing the casino
Wish me luck
No! I cannot let it go
Let it go!
Wish me luck cannot let it go
Let it go!
Wish me luck cannot let it go
Let it go
never never never never never never
Bahama Mama Bahama Mama
Drinks will help me let it go
A slot machine will help me to decide for me, for me, for me!

So you think you can gamble your money away in just one night
So you think you can lose it all in one roll of the dice?
Oh baby
can you listen to me baby
just got to get out
got to get right out of here

(instr. Solo)
Oh yeah, oh yeah

come to where it matters
the Carribean seas
this is where it matters
Bahamas really matters
to me.

Here the tradewinds blow.

Copyright 2001 Michael Liem. All Rights Reserved.

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