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Dream Journal Entry #6


nightmare w resolution.

being stalked by certain strange men.

little girl on bus loses bag-sees it fall on street from bus asks bus driver to stop. bus driver pulls same bag out of somewhere. girl turns to dad and accuses him of stealing it he admits it (tried to replace bag w/ replica).

stalked/chased by dirty-blond,short-haired guy. later by shorter guy dark hair. he was in my house at night, or so I thought,

in the end I smash the dark-haired guy's valuable tech-things w/ a flail-like object. End of dream.

That morning, two hijacked commercial airliners maliciously flew into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Also, in what appeared to be a concerted effort, another hijacked plane struck the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., while another crashlanded in a field near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was a seemingly odd coincidence that I happened to have a nightmare, which I do not often have, the morning of this tragic and horrible event. Could it be more than coincidence?

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