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Here is a list of ANAGRAMS of my name, thanks to Zaphod, a friend of mine whom I met regularly playing Acrophobia on IRC.

The name is: Michael Antony Liem. Here they are . . .


Am namely neolithic.

I am nicely Hamlet?

I am a inclement holy.


Nominally hate mice.

Allay imminent echo.

Loan him meat nicely.

I'm ancient holy male.

Minimally the ocean.

I am only ethnically male.


All-time honey maniac.

I am not a enemy. Chill!

Mealtime-only china.

I am in the only camel!

I'm on the machine lately!

Tiny macho male line. [Zaphod just loves doing anagrams about himself. ;-) (just kidding Zaph)]

I am leniently macho.

I am mainly the clone.

I'm the nice, loyal man.

Nicely I am "man-hotel."

THE TWO BEST [according to Zaphod, that is . . . :-)]
First Runner-up . . .

Hey! I am non-metallic!

and the Zaphod winner was:

I am the lonely maniac!

Again, there goes Zaphod with the self-referential anagrams. He really should see someone about that . . . . :-)

Since I prefer the ones that refer to me, I am inclined to declare

"I'm on the machine lately"

to be the clear winner.

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